Our story

Hello, I’m Ajra, at the moment of launching this website (in 2021) I was 16 and I am the creator of your beloved #shinecollection designs and products.

I am homeschooled, I love to draw and paint, I would dance through my life (and I will, I swear, I will find a way to do it) and I love my dog Ruby. Ruby is a yorkie, she is 3 years old and she is, of course, the sweetest dog on the planet. I know yours is too, in case you have one.

I was Waldorf-schooled and at this school, every student needs to present a graduating project at the end of elementary school. I decided to draw my girl. When she was done, I admired her shine. This is how #shinecollection was born.

But there is a bigger reason for creating my #shinelikeagirl collection. A few years ago I started to experience little by little the truth about the world, especially a girls world. Girls tend to compare themselves way too much, with other girls and above all, with unrealistic standards. I used to compare myself the exact same way, and sometimes I still do. The fact that some girls are never able to see themselves as beautiful as they truly are because of these unrealistic standards, hurts me. And that is what inspired my Shine collection.

I wanted to make a collection for young, impressionable girls to look up to, to anchor true values of inner beauty in them and to spread a positive #shinelikeagirl message.

The message behind my designs is that every girl in this world can shine, she just needs to find that shine within herself and let it out for the world to admire.

You do not need to change yourself to be confident and to shine, you just need to see the true beauty that is looking back at you when you look at a mirror.

I want to tell you about my Mom. She is my rock, my best adult friend and my shoulder, when I am falling apart. She is also a writer and she helped me to design, print and publish my first shine collection.

She still helps with all the digital things, that are required to run a website like this.

We love each other very much. I am not saying we never disagree (loudly) but we are getting along really well. Yes, this is possible and in our #shinelifestyle blog we share with you all our little secrets how we do that. I am lucky to live in a healthy connected family, with my Mom and my two older brothers.

They can be a pain in the neck, but are best brothers in the world.

So, #shinelikeagirl is made for you, girl.

You are unique and you are a whole Universe.

I want you to know that. I want to remind you that when you forget.

I want to stand beside you, listen to your happy words, to your silly words with no meaning and also to your sad, angry or painful words. All of them are valuable and make you who you are.

Be proud. #shinelikeagirl

I believe in you!